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18 January 2006

Oregon is the Canada of California

I didn't think anyone could make ice cream sound unappetizing, but Damn Interesting manages to with this post.

Belatedly, here are two posts from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Juan Cole discusses what Dr. King might think about the Iraq war, and Ken Foster posts Wynton Marsalis' Monday address in New Orleans.

William Bragg, once again, is clogging my Bloglines (with all good stuff, of course). Among them - the most popular myths in science and an American geography lesson. The former is hysterically informative, the latter would be just plain hysterical if it weren't so sadly true.

Along the Written Road I've found many gems for those among you interested in the idea of being a travel writer... Lonely Planet's promoting their new BlueLists by having a contest, the winner of which gets to become an LP writer... A list of the New York Times' most popular travel articles... A new travel eZine... And travel writing classes with National Geographic.

In the television department, we're always a day behind on The Daily Show and Steven Colbert, so we finally watched them tonight - and Colbert gave a "wag of his finger" to Oregon's Death With Dignity Law, and a "tip of the hat" to the Supreme Court for upholding the law. His reasoning for the latter was as follows: "You've got the right idea - let's get rid of as many of those tie-dyed tree-hugging wusses as we can. I've said it before: Oregon is California's Canada." It's people like Colbert, Jon Stewart and Al Franken who are helping to make the Bush years a little more tolerable - if for no other reason than I know there are others out there laughing (and crying) along with me.

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