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21 January 2006

How Smart Are You?

I'd gotten a MENSA test via email late last year, and had worked on it bit by bit until I got frustrated at 19 correct answers out of 33. Still, I thought I was doing pretty well with that number. (MENSA says if you get 19 or more right you're a "genius.") My dad used to do these puzzles all the time, and at one point I'd gotten quite good at them. Unfortunately, most of the ones that appeared on the puzzles back then didn't make it onto the MENSA test.

On Thursday, Record Store Geek posted a link to the test online, which is great. He got 27 right, which is amazing. I'd be more jealous if I didn't get two of the ones he said he had trouble with. (Is that gloating? Hmm...)

I'll keep plugging away at it. If you're so inclined, let me know how you do - but don't post answers in the comments, lest you want to help everyone else cheat...

(And for the record - I think the whole MENSA thing is ridiculous - I just love these puzzles.)

1 comment:

Alessandro said...

mmm, maybe i'm not that smart: but I have the "language gap excuse"..
i won't tell you my score :-(

try this test:

it's mainly a logical test: but this avoids any difference of language..
here I found myself better: an honest 25 :-)