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11 January 2006

La Lingua Bella

Last Friday I watched "Ricordati di me" ("Remember Me, My Love") with a friend, and though I had no high hopes of catching any of the Italian at all, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were several lines I could understand. Certainly, most of the time the dialogue was far too rapid for me to make sense of any more than the odd word here and there - but every once in awhile I'd notice that the subtitle wasn't complete based on what they'd said. That was a nice little ego boost going into my teaching debut on Monday.

I was so nervous before Monday night's class that my stomach was doing somersaults for two days beforehand. I kept hoping that my first-night jitters would be non-existent for the start of my Wednesday night class - and I'm happy to report that I'm jitter-free today. I just have to get the paperwork sorted and make the necessary copies, but I'm not eating antacids all day long... So I guess that's progress.

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