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30 January 2006

The Color of the Sky

I love the Oregon coast at all times, but I think I love it most when it's gray and miserable weather, when you can't tell the where the water ends and the sky begins. This past weekend was that and more - Friday night we were awakened in the middle of the night by a whopper of a thunder and lightening storm, followed by a quick blast of hail pattering against the windows like it wanted to come in for refuge from itself. Then, as quickly as it had all come, it was gone - no more wind, no more rain, just the quiet rhythm of the waves. And I was once again reminded how much I love the Oregon coast.

The gang checking out the highest water we'd ever seen at my mom's cottage; normally, there's a beach there - this weekend, it was 3+ feet deep. A seal swam by not 15 feet from the front yard.

We went to Depoe Bay for a bit of the afternoon on Saturday to watch the water shoot over Highway 101 - and drench unsuspecting passersby. Chris and Glen (above) were well outside the water's reach, but Steph and I still didn't want to be anywhere near them... Do you see the size of that wave?!?

More high water in Depoe Bay

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