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26 January 2006

My Father Has a Blog (And Other Bloglines Catching Up)

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later, since I kept pestering my father to start his own damned blog instead of bugging me all the time, but in truth I never expected him to actually do it. Well, he did, and here it is.

Go forth and conquer, Pops.


Grey Duck has a link to a story about a town in Pennsylvania that has had an underground mining fire burning constantly since 1962. The pictures of smoke coming out of cracks in the roads are most spooky.

Juan Cole of Informed Comment lists the Top Ten Mistakes of the Bush Administration in Reacting to Al-Qaeda.

James Tata excerpted two things I liked yesterday - one about the drummer for the band Rush (I've never listened to Rush, really, but the description of the drummer's ability to tap out one rhythm with his feet that happens to be diametrically opposed to the rhythm he's playing with his hands is mind-boggling); and the other about New Orleans. The New Orleans excerpt debunks many of the "chaos-filled city" stories we all heard in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Those stories helped many in the Bush administration to justify their inaction toward those in such desperate need. The fact that the stories turned out to be untrue only amplifies how poorly our government is equipped - or willing, apparently - to help its own citizens (at least the ones who aren't likely to vote for them).

Record Store Geek links to a Frank Zappa-penned article from 1983 in which Zappa seems to have a vision of the future that includes iPods... It's sort of creepily prescient...

William Bragg links to a list I find mostly amusing (however accurate), and also points out (quite rightly, I think) that number four is alarmingly on the money. The other link from Mr. Bragg is, well... I'm not sure what to make of it, really, but it frankly just made me giggle when I read it.

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