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06 January 2006

Xmas 2005: Episode II

Here's our second holiday celebration at my mother's in a picture essay format. Round three will be sometime in January, methinks, with my dad. And then we'll actually be done with Christmas/Hanukkah for another few months...

When we arrived, my mom's road reminded us of a Thanksgiving many years ago when the fields on either side were so flooded that Chris & Mom kayaked through them. (The road even flooded at a couple points, meaning guests to the feast that year were ferried back and forth in my brother's SUV.) The kayaks have been sold, so this time we went for a walk. That's Mom and Chris on the road.

These fields are usually inhabited by cows, sheep and horses. The lakes aren't usually there.

The horses on the left are grazing on some of the field that's still above water. On the right, the normally tiny creek rushes underneath one of the two bridges on my mother's road is significantly larger than it's supposed to be. It's this bridge that has flooded in the past.

My favorite horse out there belongs to my mom's neighbor. His name is Calypso, and though he's beautiful he's a bit of a meanie. He's also quite greedy, and he only came over to say hello to us because he thought we had goodies for him. One of the last times we brought him apples, he nearly took off a chunk of Chris' hand... So, Chris is naturally a bit more reticent to get any closer than this now.

On the left is my mother's fabulous tree in her fabulous great room, and on the right is our nephew opening his stocking at our belated Christmas morning, with my mom looking over his shoulder to see what Santa left for him.

More gleeful stocking opening...

One of our nephew's gifts was some kind of gun thing that made a zillion different noises. My mother's cats kept walking on it as they crept under the tree to drink the tree's water, but they didn't seem bothered by the zapping and buzzing (they're 18 or something, you'd think they'd have heart attacks). The humans around, however, were confused until the gift was opened.

A lazertag set was the big hit of the holiday - on the left, my brother is modeling the orange gear and on the right my nephew is modeling the green gear as well as aiming the gun at his own eye. (No harm done, there's no lazer coming out of it.)

Chris and my mother also played a bit of the lazertag, though here Chris is doing more modeling than actual playing. Mom was actually pretty good at the game.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend - our nephew "stalking" my brother (his father) with the lazertag gun.

For reasons we don't completely understand, our nephew wanted an Easy Bake Oven. So we got him one. He was so happy he jumped for joy. Literally. I helped him make mac & cheese later that night, and though it tasted completely vile he was pleased with it.

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