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29 May 2006

The Art of Doing Nothing

It's been a supremely lazy weekend 'round here, which has been glorious. We watched bike racing (My Boyfriend won the Giro d'Italia, which makes me very happy), ate breakfast out, met some friends for dinner, did a bit of housework and played on the computer. Lovely.

On CyclingNews.com, the race report from yesterday's final stage of the Giro began like this:
As a 28-year-old, handsome Italian, with a loving family, a healthy newborn son, an adoring public and now pretty in pink, Ivan Basso has a lot of reasons to be happy today.

"I'm really, really happy today. I think it was a beautiful Giro, and this is a really special moment in my career," were some of the first words from the 2006 winner of the Giro d'Italia.

And yes, that's my emphasis.

Now all you non-cycling-fan readers can breathe a sigh of relief, as I won't have any cycling-related stuff to write about until the beginning of July with the start of the Tour de France. Although, I have to admit that when I get into cycling posts I kind of forget what I used to write about before there was a bike race going on. Bear with me, I'm sure it'll come to me shortly.

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