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03 May 2006

This Year's Travel Dilemma

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge that these are good problems to have. We are very lucky to have such problems, and I will try to never take them for granted.

That said, we're currently going through the "where shall we go on holiday this year?" conversation. There are obviously the places we've been before and would like to see again (my cousins' house in the south of France, Tobermory in Scotland, pretty much anywhere in Italy) - but, as always, there are the countless places we've not yet seen. High on that list for both of us is Croatia (we heard raves about it last year in Berlin from a Croatian guy Chris was working with), and another destination I'd like to see sooner rather than later is China. (Chris, though he's already been a few times, is also interested in finally getting to be a tourist there.)

I don't think Asia is going to work out this year for us, mostly because of conflicting events at work (mine) with already scheduled Asia travel (Chris'). So we'll probably be in Europe this year - we might have to toss a coin to help us decide where to go, but, again, these are good problems to have.


Will said...

I may have slightly wide shoulders, but I think I can fit IN a piece of your luggage - it doesn't even hafta be a carryon! I can lift heavy things around for you guys after getting out of the luggage hold.

M said...

J&C - my co-worker just went to croatia a few months ago with her husband and LOVED it. Would be happy to share her pics with you and any stories if you're interested. Just reply with a 'yes' and I'll connect the two of you. (just don't want to spam her email here)

Jessica said...

Will, you're funny... But y'know, having a lackey to schlep my stuff around does sound kinda nice... I'll measure my luggage. ;)