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16 May 2006

Why Go - Revisited

I first mentioned this website in April of last year, and I still love it - it's worth another mention, especially as so many people are gearing up for summer travel.

Why Go is a collection of user-submitted photos, videos and quotes related to travel, one on display for each day. It's the ultimate page-a-day calendar for travel lovers, reminding us why it is that we suffer through the agony of packing and customs and layovers. It's also motivation for those who are on the fence about what the point of "all this travel nonsense" is - just look at what you could see there! Out there, beyond your front yard! In a very real sense, the world is waiting for you - and yes, it will keep right on going whether you accept its invitation or not. So why not?!?

And for those seasoned travelers among you, you folks with hundreds of travel pictures that still make you sigh to look at them (so think what they'll do to everyone else), make those shots a part of the Why Go library. It's a samaritan's work, for the greater good and all that. Seriously.

Full disclosure: Why Go is part of the BootsnAll Travel Network, my employer. As I learn more about the various resources in the Network, I'll post information about them here.

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