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30 May 2006

Strawberries & Hail

Though not necessarily in that order.

First, here's some hail that fell outside one of my workplaces last week in that crazy storm. I think it was Friday. At any rate, the hail was falling heavily on the cedar rooves in the cul-de-sac, and it sounded just like one of those rain sticks.

And then at the farmer's market on Saturday, I got another couple pints of strawberries and made s'more fresh ice cream. I tried an experiment with this one, adding a little vodka to the mixture (only a little!) to see if that would make the ice cream stay a little softer in the freezer, but I also reduced the amount of sugar... And the result is actually more icy than before. So, next time I'm going to give it the exact amount of sugar as before plus a little vodka and see what happens. Anyway, I love making this ice cream - it's a ridiculously easy recipe, and the strawberries are so gorgeous...

Berries in the blender, awaiting their fate.

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