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08 May 2006

National Geographic Traveler: Photo Contest

It's that time again - National Geographic Traveler is accepting submissions for its annual photo contest. They've made some changes to the competition this year, splitting it into two categories (amateur and professional), partnering with Photo District News and allowing online submissions for the first time.

They've also introduced an entry fee ($10 per submission for amateurs, $35 for pros and $25 for students), which will probably cut down on the people like me who, in the past, have just sent in a few photos on a whim and the off-chance that everyone else's photos would suck that year. Yeah, that never really worked out for me.

At any rate, the prizes are - as always - fabulous looking, and I'm coveting them. I don't think I have anything worth sending in this year, but do you? Go for it, and good luck.

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