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09 May 2006

Giro d'Italia - Underway

I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to think about - much less write about - the Giro d'Italia, which just finished its 4th stage today. Perhaps my least favorite rider in the peloton won today (his 2nd stage win of the race thus far), which is annoying, and arguably his biggest challenger had to abandon after yesterday's stage with a fractured kneecap that will require surgery. I'm not-so-secretly hoping the road kicks up soon so the annoying sprinter is left behind...

And how, you ask, is My Boyfriend doing? Well, he's not doing much of anything. Yet. He's staying out of trouble and near the front of the pack, though he's 43 seconds back on the G.C. at the moment. There is much road to cover yet, so I have every confidence he'll choose the right time to shine.

photo from here

Oh, wait, that's right - he's always shining.

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Stephanie said...

Cycle Sport did a feature on Robbie and made him seem all human and stuff and even nice - off the bike. Not sure what I think one way or the other.