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22 May 2006

Cheap Airfare Within Europe

Europe's rail network is so fabulous that I tend to forget how great the "puddle-jumper" airfares are, too. When we were in the UK in 2003, we got one-way tickets from London to Glasgow for around £20 apiece - less than the train fare was, and so much faster! Getting to those fares, however, proved to be something of a scavenger hunt. I had friends in the UK, thank goodness, who pointed me in the direction of which airlines to check out.

What do you do if you're traveling by air within Europe and you don't have kind friends to help you out? Now, the answer is simple - there's Europe Cheap Ticket Links. It's both a blog and a search engine, with up-to-date info about the best fares within Europe. And as much as I love train travel, it's nice to have options.

Full disclosure: Europe Cheap Ticket Links is part of the BootsnAll Travel Network, my employer. As I learn more about the various resources in the Network, I'll post information about them here.

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