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26 May 2006

It's Friday... And I'm Beat.

I'm exhausted this week - too many jobs and too many mornings getting up before 6am to watch the Giro d'Italia - and so even though when I opened up Blogger it seemed like it'd be easier to just clear out the Bloglines queue again (it's so backed up it's unbelievable), doing all that linking and such is actually fairly time-consuming as far as posting goes, so here I am talking about doing it rather than just doing it.

Yeah, I'm tired.

We have no plans for the weekend, other than a trip to the farmer's market tomorrow (the first one was last Saturday, where we got reacquainted with our favorite breakfast) and probably some housework and prep for Italian classes next term. Big fun. Chris leaves for Taiwan on the 3rd of June, so he'll also likely be starting to prepare for that trip. Otherwise, it'll be a weekend for catching up on all kinds of things, including sleep. Hallelujah for afternoon naps - I'm planning to have several over the next few days.

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