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23 May 2006

Giro: I Know How to Pick 'Em

Can I just say that I have really fabulous taste?

My guy, Ivan Basso, is absolutely kicking everyone's ass all the way to Milan in the Giro d'Italia. He won today's intensely difficult mountain stage - making it look easy - and leaving even the normally chatty commentators speechless. The race report begins thusly:
Comparisons between Ivan Basso and Miguel Indurain have now stopped. Today, on the slopes of the seventeen kilometre-long Monte Bondone, as the maglia rosa rode virtually the entire second half on his own en route to victory, the only words television commentators were able to blurt out over and over again were "Lui รจ fuoriclasse, stesso Lance Armstrong" ("He is unequalled, like Lance Armstrong").
The guy who's in 2nd overall is now nearly five and a half minutes behind Basso, and 3rd & 4th places are around nine and a half minutes back. Yes, tomorrow's stage looks like it'll be brutal - so, if Basso has a bad day he's built up quite a nice little cushion of insurance on his nearest rivals... But the way he's been riding for the last couple of weeks, it looks like he won't even need it.

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