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09 February 2006


The look of our deck has been changing daily this week, so I haven't even had time to download the pictures to the computer until last night, let alone post them. Here's this week's progress, in one fell swoop...

Monday - The construction crew came in to remove the door leading onto the deck so they could build an indentation into the kitchen in which they reinserted the door. Why all this, you ask? The tile guys needed to be able to put water-deflecting stuff (yes, that's a technical term) underneath the door, and we still needed a door to be there. So, this was the solution. It looks very strange when you walk into the kitchen; it looks like the door is ajar. The cats are confused as well.

See? Confused cat...

Tuesday - The tile guys put down this first layer, the thing that goes under the tile. I think I've heard someone say it's called "Wonder Board," which just sounds like a superhero's building material to me. Whatever, as long as it lasts longer than the original construction.

Wednesday - Tile! Beautiful tile! It looks great. I think it has to set for a day, and then they'll come back and grout it. I'm really looking forward to the finished product - not to mention to being un-tented.

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