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22 February 2006

The Last Wispa Bar

When I was in the UK the fall semester of my junior year in college, I discovered what would become my favorite chocolate bar. And of course, it had to be something that wasn't (and still isn't) available in the States - Cadbury's Wispa Bar. It's hard to describe if you haven't actually tried one, but the subtitle on the wrapper (yes, the wrapper has a subtitle) is "Velvety Textured Milk Chocolate," and that's pretty darned close. I would only add that the texture they're talking about is a zillion tiny air bubbles throughout the entire bar, making it crumble in a fantastically delicious way in your mouth with every bite.

After I fell in love with the Wispa bar, I returned to the US and missed it terribly. I actually had friends in England mail them to me every so often. (This is back in the pre-Internet shopping age, mind you, and that was my low-tech version.) When Chris & I went to the UK in 2003 in order to get married in Scotland, Wispas weren't first on my mind... But they were a very close second. I bought a full box of them (about 60) at the London airport before we flew home - Chris just shook his head.

Well, folks, I have sad news to report. I ate the last bar on Friday. And yes, I shed a small, chocolatey tear. So - if there are any UK readers out there who want to make this simple girl very, very happy, I think you know what to do.

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