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17 February 2006

Frase Italiane

I'm loving the idiomatic expressions that have been coming up on this year's Italian phrase-a-day calendar. I have no idea whether they're actually commonly used, but they're fabulous. Here are some recent goodies:
  • Loro hanno deciso su due piedi - literally translates to "they decided on two feet," but means "they decided on the spot."
  • Michele ha la lingua lunga - literally translates to "Michael has a long tongue," but means "Michael talks too much."
  • È innamorato cotto - literally translates to "he's in love, cooked," but means "he's madly in love."
Aren't those great? Now if I could only use them when I'm speaking Italian, I'd be very happy, indeed.


Will said...

One of my favorite from Japanese is, 'nekojita' - 'cat's tongue'. It's used to describe one who's tongue is easily burned when eating heated food.

Enjoy your weekend!

Alessandro said...

all of them are actually commonly used...