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22 February 2006

Landis Kicks Ass

In today's individual time trial in the Tour of California, American David Zabriskie (who started the day in 5th place) looked like he was going to be impossible to beat.

It's widely acknowledged that he has the most aerodynamic form in the professional cycling peloton, and he counts among his victories the prologue time trial of the 2005 Tour de France. He's unassuming, almost shy, which only makes me cheer louder for him.

Zabriskie finished his time trial with the best time to that point, with only four riders left to come in behind him. And surprisingly, American Floyd Landis lobbed nearly 30 seconds off Zabriskie's time - despite Landis' odd aerodyamic position. It gave Landis not only the stage victory, but also the overall lead. Zabriskie trails him by 29 seconds in 2nd place. The challenge over the final four days will be for Landis' Team Phonak to defend his leader's jersey from Zabriskie's Team CSC. CSC's Bobby Julich is in 3rd overall, and it appears that they might be the more powerful team. Only time will tell.

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