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24 February 2006

A Lovely Ride Down Highway 1

Yesterday's stage in the Tour of California had the announcers nearly drooling into their microphones over the incredible scenery - the stage wound its way down Highway 1 with the Pacific Ocean in the background. There has been beautiful scenery pretty much every day so far this week, made even lovelier (according to this viewer) by the cyclists speeding through it. The cities along the route are advertising heavily during the coverage, as they should, and I hope it encourages other states to think of cycling as a potential revenue source. Can I imagine a future three-week Tour of America? Not really. But it'd be fun to get these world-class riders over on these shores more often.

Despite a long-lived two-man breakaway, the sprinters' teams pulled everyone back together with only a few miles to go, and it was another sprint finish. Juan Jose Haedo of Team Toyota-United, who won Monday's stage one sprint, came out ahead of American sprinter "Fast" Freddy Rodriguez, who got second on the day. The overall standings haven't changed, with Team Phonak's Floyd Landis still sitting in first, 29 seconds ahead of Team CSC's David Zabriskie and 34 seconds ahead of CSC's Bobby Julich. Today's stage should prove who's got the ability to win this thing, with its category 1 climb.

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