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01 February 2006

Why I Love the Internet

Where else would I be able to view such things as David Hasselhoff's video for "Hooked on a Feeling?" I mean, come on now - this is good stuff. (Thanks to the GFY crew for that link.)

The best news is that there are also some genuinely good things out there, too. For instance:

Juan Cole's got another top ten list - this time it's the Top Ten things Bush Won't Tell you About the State of the Nation.

otturatore posted such a beautiful picture of a flower on Monday that it actually brought me out of my usual Monday funk.

Ride My Handlebars posts a fabulous (if a bit graphic) quote about the state of immigration policy in the United States.

But really, the Hasselhoff thing just slays me. Is it wrong that I love it so? Oh, if it is, please don't tell me.


Michael said...

You're absolutely right about the Hasselhoff video.

Will said...

Don't "Hassle the Hoff"! I love it. For more Hasslehoff lovin' see it here. I admit too, I'm a long time reader of GFY.

Stephanie said...

BLESS YOU, JESSICA! A coworker of mine sent me the Hasselhoff video several years ago (with the comment, "when he bit the fish, I nearly peed my pants"). Eventually, my link didn't work anymore, and I was seriously bummed. It has got to be one of the top 5 funniest things I've ever seen in my life. I unsuccessfully googled it once or twice - and now it's back!