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10 February 2006

Pub Quiz Virgins

Last night we accompanied a friend to a local pub quiz, as some of her regular teammates weren't going to be able to make it. We were both familiar with pub quizzes, but neither of us had ever participated in one. I've had a fantasy for quite awhile now to host a pub-quiz-ish night at the house, but just haven't gotten around to it. After last night, I'm more inclined to make it happen.

The theme last night (fairy tales) was something we knew essentially nothing about, and as we were just stand-ins for other people we didn't really "study" the subject, either. Still, not every question was theme-related, and so we were able to feel quite useful when answering some of them. After round one, we were in second place, and after all rounds we were actually in first. The bonus question went to the top five teams, and after including the bonus points we ended up in second overall. It was a bummer to lose only because of the bonus question, but we did end up splitting some of the money. We walked out thinking that was a great way to start our pub quiz experience - by leaving with more money than we had upon arrival!

I don't know if we'll make it a regular Thursday night excursion, as it's a quite smoky location and my evenings are already pretty booked up, but it was quite a bit of fun. Now, we'll see if I can get my act together to be a "quizmaster" in my own home.

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