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03 February 2006

The Week in Pictures

Chris went to a Blazer game this week... Without me. I had to teach, so he took our friend Glen. And they had amazing seats, courtesy of one of Chris' co-workers. The first picture below was taken without even zooming the camera...

Blazers v. Spurs

Our deck is currently under a little tent, and I'm told they'll begin tiling early next week. I'm excited to get to that point - the tile we chose is so pretty, it will be lovely in the sun. (If that orb-thing ever comes out again, that is.)

If only it were sunny, we could use it as a greenhouse...

I had lunch today with my friend Megan - we're both so busy we've set up a monthly lunch, and we always go to an old favorite restaurant from when we both worked nearby: Bai Tong on Macadam. It's quick and it's good - nothing earth-shattering, but I do love the Panang Curry. It's hot enough to make me tear up (I'm a spice wimp - I blame my Jewishness), but so sweet I can't stop eating. Today we also got thai iced teas, which are almost too pretty to drink. I said almost.

Lunchtime treat

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