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06 February 2006

Sushi: Playing With Food

On Saturday we went to a friend's house for a demonstration in sushi making. Chris and I have made sushi at home before, and we've always had fun doing it - but it's something else entirely when there's sake involved. Also, it's a hard thing to do at home for just two or three, because you want variety - which means making at least a half-dozen different rolls, which is way too much for just two or three people. On Saturday, there was enough variety to keep everyone happy, enough eaters to leave virtually no leftovers, and enough food to ensure that no one went home with an empty stomach.

(L) Joni, Derek & Chris at their stations trying to decide what to put in their sushi rolls - the choices were many, so narrowing it down was the first challenge. (R) Brad (center) had trouble narrowing it down, so made a giant roll. The sushi teacher, Amy (left) and Brad's wife Angela (right) look on - everyone wondering whose mouth was big enough to eat that roll in one bite.

As a side note, it had never occurred to me that making sushi at home was something to be wary of until a friend suggested it late last week. I imagine there would be cause for concern if you were trying to buy fish at your local grocery chain and then trying to make sushi with it - but no one should do that. If you're making sushi at home, you have to buy sushi-grade fish - and there's no shortage of Asian markets in the Portland metro area, so there's no excuse for not being able to find it.

(L) Gil, Brad and Angela (who was very happy about something, clearly!) making their sushi, while the sushi assistant (whose name I didn't catch) looked on and provided pointers. (R) Chris finishing his first roll, which - in retrospect - I think was my favorite of the afternoon.

Chris cutting his sushi roll in the foreground, while in the background Tamarin made hers.

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