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25 February 2006

It's All (Well, Mostly) About the Americans

I'm thrilled to bits that so many of the world's top cyclists have made the trek to the States for the inaugural Tour of California, and yet I'm also quite happy that so many American cyclists are making their presence known.

Yesterday, the Discovery Team's George Hincapie got his second sprint-finish victory of the week, with Team Phonak's Floyd Landis retaining his overall lead. With no further hills or individual time trials left in the race, it's unlikely that anyone will be able to unseat him...

...And today made Landis' eventual victory even more certain. It was another bunch sprint (the largest group at the line thus far this week), which T-Mobile's Olaf Pollack grabbing the win. The top five overall didn't change over the past two days, and I doubt it will in tomorrow's final stage, either.

The crowds alongside the roads for this Tour have been fabulous; there are times you could look at a still shot of the race and think it was a stage of the Tour de France. It's exciting to think cycling has - for the week at least - captured the imagination of many an American sports fan. I would certainly love to head to California next year to chase the tour around... So let's hope the enthusiasm continues.

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