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16 February 2006

How I Wish I Had a Band Now (and Other Things From Around)

If for no other reason than this.

Yes, I like that band. And yes, it's a holdover from my teenage years. Wanna make somethin' of it? Hrmph... Maybe this will distract you...
  • Food Dude has some new help over at the Portland Food & Drink site, and the new wine guy has written a great piece about wine descriptions. I once took a class in wine tasting, and I honestly thought the teacher was joking when he showed us a list of potential terms for what we were tasting... The one that caused me to stifle a giggle was "wet dog." Now, come on - what self-respecting wine-maker would actually strive for "wet dog" tasting wine?!? If I were a wine-maker (which I'm not, so I'm willing to admit I could be way off-base here) and someone told me my wine tasted like "wet dog," I think I'd pack it in and go back to my old job. Just a thought.
  • Damn Interesting posted this article about the Chimera, which is pretty timely for anyone who follows the world of professional cycling - all three of you out there reading this, that is. At any rate, for that select (and, dare I say, enlightened?) audience, I offer this - Tyler Hamilton's last appeal against his two-year suspension (which was based on findings of blood doping in late 2004) was dismissed on February 10, 2006. I don't understand all the nuances of his defense, but one element of it was related to the Chimera phenomenon. Interesting, then, to read about it in a way that's completely removed from the Hamilton mess. (I'm still very saddened by the whole thing, really, as I genuinely thought Tyler was one of the good guys. I'm beginning to doubt whether any such "good guys" exist anymore.)
  • ExtraMSG links to a story in the Seattle Times about the latest in-thing in Portland - tea!
  • Otturatore posted this absolutely beautiful picture the other day, and I love it even if it makes me shiver.
Now will you stop giggling about the Bon Jovi thing? Please?

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