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18 March 2006

Emptying My Bloglines Queue

Once again, they’ve stacked up over there at Bloglines HQ, so I’m clearin’ ‘em out all at once. Enjoy…
  • The Food Dude waxes poetic about Sahagun, local chocolate shop extraordinaire. The pictures alone are making my mouth water. And then there's this delightful interview with the proprietress... If you haven't yet gotten your car keys with the intent to drive to Sahagun, you're crazy.

  • This little construction project at the Grand Canyon has me completely freaked out just looking at it… Good lord I don’t ever want to actually be on it! (Thanks, Damn Interesting, for making me gasp aloud…)

  • Grey Duck muses on self deprecation, and comes to some really reasonable conclusions, I think.

  • Juan Cole lists several passages on peace and love in the Quran, reminding us that Islam is not a religion of violence. Every religion has its wacko extremists (Pat Robertson, anyone?), and thinking that the members of Al Qaeda speak for all of Islam is a dangerous assumption to make.

  • James Tata posted a couple things… I thought this was beautiful, and this was interesting. Regarding the latter, I’ve never been a Miles Davis fan (despite calling myself a jazz lover), but I absolutely respect his place in the world of music. What made me smile most about the post, though, was the bit about kids not wanting their food to touch… I have no recollection of having any hang-ups about food touching other food on my plate. Perhaps it’s a mental block and I should seek counseling?

  • The Portland Blog reminds us that what we say out here in cyberspace really can be read by anyone… Though I think Reed went way too far.

  • She Who Eats makes me so hungry with these pictures from Australia.

  • William Bragg runs the gamut here, from desperately sad to hysterically funny. (The latter is especially so if you Google the name of the company and check out their website. Yowza!)

  • Jen Leo at The Written Road has found a Literature Map – it’s sort of an interesting way to find out about other authors you might like, based on the ones you already do.
And with that, my friends, my Bloglines page is no longer a garbled mess of saved posts. I bid you good day...

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