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02 March 2006

Katrina "Planning" Caught on Tape

More on the subject I posted a little about yesterday... From today's American Progress Report:

KATRINA -- CAUGHT ON TAPE: BUSH UNCONCERNED ABOUT HURRICANE'S WARNINGS: A videotape obtained by the Associated Press captures
President Bush's reaction to dire warnings that Hurricane Katrina would cause catastrophic damage. One day before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Bush was briefed about the possibility that Katrina could " breach levees, risk lives in the New Orleans Superdome and overwhelm rescuers," and it was all captured on tape. In response to the warnings, "Bush did not ask a single question during the briefing but assured soon-to-be-battered state officials: 'We are fully prepared.'" The new video disputes Bush's claim a few days after Katrina hit that " I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees ." The White House responded to the new evidence by saying, "I hope people don't draw conclusions from the president getting a single briefing." In fact, the videotape simply confirms previous evidence that Bush knew of the serious nature of the storm and failed to take action.

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