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04 March 2006

Some Consolation

We watched the Independent Spirit Awards tonight on IFC, and I'm glad we did. I know that Felicity Huffman winning an Oscar on Sunday for "Transamerica" is a long shot, but I want to believe she'll do it. If she doesn't, however, there's the consolation that she won both a Golden Globe and an Independent Spirit Award for the performance. She was truly spectacular.

As for the rest of the Oscars, we'll be hosting our ninth annual party. As the hosts, we don't participate in the balloting, so I tend to not pay too much attention. (I reserve the right to be indignant about the winners, of course.) I'm looking forward to seeing Jon Stewart, and hoping he doesn't bomb. And for me, one of the highlights will certainly end up being hearing some coiffed, bejeweled and gown-encrusted celebrity announce that a contender for Best Song is "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp."

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