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11 March 2006

Photo Catching Up - Oscars to Banana Bread

I've been meaning to get these photos up here for awhile; so since Chris is watching the Pitt-Syracuse game at the moment, I've got some time... (You can blame any typos on me being startled by yelps from Chris if Pitt does something particularly good or bad.)

First, a few pictures from our Oscar Party last Sunday:

(L) Our contribution to the potluck, courtesy of Saint Cupcake. (R) Partygoers watching the show (there were two televisions set up, so two viewing areas).

Me with our friend's daughter, sporting a cowboy hat in a sort of homage to "Brokeback Mountain." Of course, she's five, so she didn't know it was an homage... Several of our friends brought their kids to the party, and in surveying the under-three-foot crowd I realized that our friends create some pretty adorable offspring. I like to think that reflects well on us.

And then some other random pictures from the last week:

Snow on Friday, March 10 as seen from my office window.

The "best banana bread" Chris has ever had, which I made on Friday night. I finally tried some this evening, and I have to concur - it's damned fine. And lest anyone think I had anything to do with making it good, the recipe came directly from this fabulous cookbook. You, too, can make the best banana bread ever.

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