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27 March 2006

The Week in Pictures

Just a few pictures from the past week or so; it was a busy week, and not all of it was documented - a cousin was in town from Minnesota, and I completely forgot to get a picture of us, doggonit! Ah, well, here are the pictures I do have.

Chris got a new bike, and it came in a big box... Which quickly became a cat toy. This is Bub's
paw reaching through one of the holes, in a vain attempt to grab his sister unawares.

Our Italian class had its final gathering this term at our teacher's house, and two of the students came prepared with a song - it was their final project in class, and a special treat for our teacher, as they performed a song by her favorite Italian crooner, Sergio Endrigo. When she first heard it in class, she swooned, and declared they had to do a repeat performance for her husband.

We went to the Blazers v. Spurs game on Friday night, and I'm pretty sure there were nearly as many Spurs fans in the Rose Garden as Blazers fans. I'll admit, I cheered more for the Spurs myself, but the Blazers were so incredibly bad that it would have been silly (not to mention delusional) to think they'd actually play better if I clapped for them. Honestly, the highlight of the evening (aside from seeing the very talented Spurs play some beautiful basketball) was the running commentary courtesy of the pair of five-year-old boys sitting behind us. In the first quarter, we were treated to repeated chants of "Boo, Black!" (the Spurs were wearing black) and "Go, Blazers!" Our favorite line, however, was, "We had to take a nap so we could have energy!" Their caretaker then made the mistake of buying them one of those bags of cotton candy that was nearly as tall as they were - you know, the stuff that's probably four days old but no kid seems to care - so we figured the constant kicking on the back of our seats would soon turn into magic fingers. One of the boys pulled his sweatshirt up over his head like a hood, and the other said, "That's so cool!" to which the first replied, "I'm sexy!" After the Blazer Dancers came out for one of their routines, one of the kids said, "Do you think they're sexy?" I don't know if the other replied - we were too busy convulsing with laughter to hear.

Another highlight was a new timeout/halftime feature, the giant helium-inflated basketballs. I can't really explain why they were so hysterical, except that the people inside them can put their legs anywhere - so they rolled around on all sides as the people inside just rotated. Yeah, see? Hard to explain. It was damned funny, though. Maybe next time I'll get a video.

Finally, I have to ask - what the hell is up with Robert Horry's socks? Or should I say support hose?

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