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20 March 2006

Travel Guide to Bali: BaliBlog

I’ve never been to Bali. Until recently, I wasn’t even sure where it was on the globe. (World geography isn’t as much of a strong point as it should be.) If, however, I’d been there or was going to go there anytime soon, BaliBlog would be high on my reading list.

There are tools on BaliBlog that every traveler needs – a well-populated accommodations guide being principal among them – but it’s much more than just a hotel guide. BootsnAll’s man-on-the-ground, Nick O’Neill, who has lived in Bali since 2003, updates the site daily with information about not just surfing Bali, but also living there. BaliBlog is the best of what a travel blog can be – it’s constantly updated (so therefore up-to-date), and can cover more than just travel tips. It gives you a sense of what it’s like to live there, because Nick does live there. There’s information on Bali going back to December 2002, so there’s no shortage of detail. You can read practical information (what to pack when going to Bali), political updates as well as stories about local ceremonies.

Going to Bali? Go here first.

Full disclosure: BaliBlog is part of the BootsnAll Travel Network, my new employer. As I learn more about the various resources in the Network, I’ll post information about them here.


Michael said...

Hey, that's one of my four favorite places to go!!!!

Russell Smith said...

its a wonderful place and every person should visit bali once in his or her life.

Rajinder Dogra