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27 March 2006

My "Boyfriend" Wins Criterium International

(A note before I begin - it's my husband who came up with the title of "boyfriend" for Ivan Basso, my favorite cyclist, though I don't protest.)

The two-day Criterium International finished up on Sunday, March 26 in France. This three-stage race, sometimes called the "mini Tour de France," is a little taste of everything. On Saturday was the flat stage. Then on Sunday morning was the hilly stage. On Sunday afternoon was the individual time trial. And the winner in the hilly stage - and the overall winner - was my man, Ivan Basso. He's looking great, and yellow looks particularly good on him. I can't wait to see him wear it in July.

I'll spare you the boring stage-by-stage details (you can read about them here, here and here), so I can use this space more wisely by posting links (below) to pictures of the man of the hour. He is fabulous, isn't he?

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